Relics of Rome

rome 075

Tuscan villa 048

rome 065

rome 064

rome 069

Seeing the above World Heritage Sites, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain while in Rome, was unforgettable. Being able to get up close had an enormous impact on me. Have you ever been inspired by a work of art that is also a relic of the past?

See more here:  Scenes from Italy: Rome

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24 thoughts on “Relics of Rome

  1. Jennifer, those sites look beautiful and I thought for a split second I’d like to go there until I saw all those people! Did that ruin the experience for you or did it not matter because it was … well the freakin’ Colosseum?

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  3. I would have to echo what everyone else said: I never anticipated all the people! Those on the ledge of the fountain are funny–everyone of them posing for a picture. Still beautiful, though, just beautiful.

  4. I love imagining the daily life of people from that era. Who knew the Coliseum would be such a wonder–or the Pyramids. I wonder what new architectural buildings will hold that status in the far future.

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