Sea and Sky

We might not have the greatest weather in Newfoundland, but we do have some of the loveliest views.

I can’t seem to get enough of our local brand of vitamin Sea.

Beautiful view from Signal Hill, St. John's

Beautiful View from Signal Hill, St. John’s

Does this one look familiar? It should:
This photo from my hometown/birthplace is my blog’s banner.


Bonavista, NL

Bonavista, NL

I have a treasure trove of pics from our visit to the town of Bonavista.
This one is perfect for the theme of half sea and half sky.


Placentia Bay, NL

Placentia Bay, NL

I took this one evening from the lovely Garden Cove Walking Trail,
while we were staying in Kilmory.


At Home in Newtown

At Home in Newtown

Of course, this post would not be complete without a view from our own backyard.

“Smell the sea and feel the sky.
Let your soul and spirit fly.”
~ Van Morrison


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Do you find the sea and sky as naturally therapeutic as I do?


This week, let’s split our photos in two.

Travel Theme: Land meets Water
(… meets sky? ;) )

Vivian’s View From Here: Kilmory Getaway

024 (1280x856) Welcome back, my peeps and pets, to Vivian’s View From Here.
Today we take a page from my Summer Travel Diary.

074 (1280x837)Our “staff” took a break from St. John’s this past week
to spend three nights at Kilmory Resort near Swift Current.

034 (1280x867)It was beautiful and secluded there in our pine log chalet,
which, of course, was right up our alley.

026 (1280x852)Maisie and I especially loved the loft, because we like perching up high.
001 (1280x613)So peaceful, so cozy…
019 (1280x800)We weren’t particularly fond of the noise from the jacuzzi jets, however.
012 (1280x897)But we appreciated the bird’s-eye view of our beloved staff.
006 (1280x779)Here I am practising my “lumbersexual” poses. That’s a thing!
010 (1280x853)If you never heard of it, go google it! I’ll wait. :)
002 (1280x894)As nice and comfy as it was, after a while
we grew weary of having to staying indoors.

021 (797x1280)“Hey, I hear lots of birds and squirrels!”
Maisie meows. “Can you please let us out?”
085 (1280x954)After all, we’re used to going out all the time on Perry’s Point.
087 (1280x815)And look how beautiful and sunny it is out there!
086 (1280x819)Please???
147 (1280x908)Begging works! Our staff fashioned makeshift leashes,
so we could explore outdoors for a bit.



Thanks for dropping by, everyone!
~ head bumps & nose kisses,
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Kilmory Resort

A Little Time Away


Just a quick note tonight, friends, to let you know I will be away for two weeks starting this weekend.

I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to blog before I come home again, but I do know I will enjoy this break to renew and refresh, soak up some summer fun around the province, and look for new inspiration.

I finally received my editor’s developmental review of my manuscript this past week, and am pleased to say most of the changes are not actual changes, but additions to what I have, so my laptop will go with me.

But you know what? That isn’t work because, to me, it is a labour of love.

Take care, and see you in a couple of weeks! :)

– Jennifer <3

Friday Bouquet #25

bouquet-flowers-tulips-flower-buds_1280x720_sc (1024x688)

Sherry Lachelle over at Fabulous 50’s is a superbly talented photographer and travel writer who I have followed ever since I’ve been blogging.

From her About page:

Looking back, my decision to resign from a traditional 8 to 5 job and take care of my mother, was the beginning of a wonderful chapter in my life! Working in the corporate world for 30 years and raising a son left little time to discover my likes and dislikes…Starting my own meetup, entitled “Travel Spirit Meetup”, enabled me to take 13 people through 9 countries in Europe for a month in the summer of 2014. I’ve had time to take some photography classes and am now a Photographer and Travel Writer for Cincinnati Refined…I am a Life Hugger and hope to inspire others with my positive enthusiasm and set an example of what someone can accomplish at any age!”


I selected her recent post below because I ADORE the photography. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

Farm Life in Rural Ohio

I’ve disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on Sherry’s blog.
If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



038 (1024x683)

Definition of Old-Fashioned*:
1. a: of, relating to, or characteristic of a past era, in or according to styles or types no longer current or common; not modern.

When we undertook the renovations to our home, one of the features Paul and I emphatically chose not to replace was the stained glass in the two bay windows and in the window over the stairs. These colourful panes were original to the house when it was built in 1923, came special order from England, and bear a trio motif of roses, thistles, and shamrocks.

035 (1024x683)

   Rose of England              Thistle of Scotland               Shamrock of Ireland

But what is the significance of this trio? As Wikipedia explains:

“Since the 1801 Act of Union between Britain and Ireland, the shamrock was incorporated into the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom, depicted growing from a single stem alongside the rose of England, and the thistle of Scotland to symbolise the unity of the three kingdoms. Since then the shamrock has regularly appeared alongside the rose, thistle and (sometimes) leek for Wales in British coins such as the shilling and crown, and in stamps. The rose, thistle and shamrock motif also appears regularly on British public buildings such as Buckingham Palace.”

031 (1016x1024)So even though nearly everything else has been renovated, replaced or upgraded,
we are happy we made the decision to keep the stained glass.027 (1024x681)And though they may not be modern or practical…
032 (683x1024)

…we love the feeling of tradition and heritage they impart,
034 (1024x671)

…and the beauty they add to our sunsets.

*This has been my take on this week’s photo challenge: Old-Fashioned @

Allergic to the Letter ‘E’ Challenge

My good friend Mark Bialczak reached out and tapped me this morning in the Allergic to the Letter E Challenge.

If I don’t write a paragraph without using my old friend ‘e’ I will be banished to the page of lame. Not one to shrink from a good challenge, I accepted.

Here are the Rules:

1) Write a whole paragraph without any words containing the letter “e” even once.

2) By reading this, you are already signed up.

3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.

4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.

5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.


Here goes nuthin’!

Mark thinks I can do this activity, so voila: I know, from my own long history and without a doubt, that most folks cling to similar actions, comforts and habits in this world. Many of you claim your own brand of total autonomy with such adamant conviction, but I don’t buy it. From following your many blogs, I can confirm that all humankind is bound by customs that show our wish to link, to join, to attach, to align, to hook up, to plug in, or to marry. “No man (or woman) is an island” is my motto. Can you find fault with this logic in my soliloquy? I think not!”

Done. Thanks, Mark. ;)

Here is my list of nominees (don’t hate me, just do it!):

Have fun!

Friday Bouquet #24


Me – Who Am I? reflects on her personal journey and shares her observations and inspiring thoughts on daily life.

From her About page:

Life is a road full of experiences that mold you into the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow. But, what if one day you find yourself lost in the middle of the road, asking yourself “Who am I?” Discovering the answer may be quite a journey and you have to be ready, as you don’t know what you’ll find in the process. The inner you can be brilliant and sometimes haunting. This blog is a journey of discovery.”

In the post highlighted below, she talks about the priceless gift a blog can be to others, after that blogger is no longer with us.

Our Voice When We No Longer Have One

I’ve disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on the writer’s blog.
If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.



pablo (18)

…though it may be difficult to do so…

pablo (11)

pablo (13)

pablo (14)

pablo (15)


tuckamore (1)


Tuckamore are a part of Newfoundland’s natural landscape. They are the small, gnarled, and tangled evergreen trees that grow and flourish despite harsh conditions and obstacles that try to stand in their way: unforgiving adversaries like wind, rain, snow, and sleet.

A Tuckamore tree is known for its resiliency, adaptability and ability to survive under tough circumstances.


What have you survived in your life in spite of tough circumstances?

Where The Heart Is

pablo (8)


I can hardly believe it. It’s been nearly five years since my husband and I went through with our plan to trade in our old lives and move out of the city.

In August of 2010, we threw caution to the wind and put our home of ten years on the market. Paul kissed me goodbye, drove to his hometown, and began overseeing the gargantuan job of renovating his grandfather’s old two-storey in Bonavista North. When the sale of our house closed near the end of September, Maisie, Vivian and I joined him. We stayed nearby in a friend’s vacant summer home until the bulk of the work was completed.

During the first week of December that year, we finally had enough upgrades done to buy our new appliances, unpack the boxes, and begin to set up house.

Do I have any regrets? Not many. That first winter, I missed living close to my family, and I still wish I could see my children and grandchildren more often than I do. But other than that, I am happy to have relocated here to our home by the sea. Somehow, I don’t think I would have taken up writing the way I have if I’d stayed in the city, so taking this journey to fulfill my lifelong dream has certainly made it all worthwhile.

Besides that, Paul’s dream to return to his boyhood home has come true too. <3

Looking back now, I think we can both vouch for the old saying: the best journey is the one that takes you home.


pablo (9)


Have you lived to see a dream come to fruition?
Or are you working on one for the future?