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As anyone with a blog or a website knows, people online can find or happen upon our blogs using a variety of search terms. Some of those terms that have popped up on my blog admin section are logical and understandable, some are pretty strange, and still some others are downright funny.

I’ll start with a few of the logical search terms. My followers – at least the minuscule few who’ve visited since the beginning – will understand how these terms led searchers to Jennifer’s Journal:

  • Jennifer Kelland Perry, Jennifer Kelland – moi, the most logical 
  • cats at the ocean
  • cat ice
  • tentative cat
  • cats exploringyes indeedy, you will find cats, ocean and ice here 
  • Newtown, Newfoundland – where?
  • Maisie and Vivian – and what are the cats’ names?

    Cats on Ice - Spring Thaw in Iceberg Alley

    Cats on Ice – Spring Thaw in Iceberg Alley

Then the cat theme begins to get humorous:

behold my French feline eyes - oo-la-la

behold my French feline eyes – oo-la-la

  • cat on an iceberg
  • fancy words for purr
  • jennifer with cat eyes
  • jennifer feline eyes
  • french jennifer cat eyes

Some other topics are right on the money:

  • polar bears in Newfoundland – a popular topic, only once for this blog
  • speciesism rantone of my very few rants
  • pictures of patch quilt on clothesline – beautiful Greenspond 
  • little boy working on car – our grandsontenJ
  • you are my one and only blog – <3
  • first date journal – <3
  • Jennifer in varadero – Cuba!
  • heart turned cold quotes – I did pen a dark poem once…
  • journaling about bitterness – okay, twice!
  • reasons of dreams and meaning of dreams, see sleeping mouse in dreambecause I put the word dream in a couple of my titles, I’m guessing
  • menopause feel like a furnace, perry menopause symptoms, hot flash journaling, internal combustion menopause a topic of great concern out there, apparently, though I only blogged about it once
  • very cute images of love peace and understanding but all they found were Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello!
  • Jennifer’s progress my novel, the sequel? inquiring minds want to know
  • famous Jennifers in fictionnot me, but…maybe…someday?

Still giggling at the rest below. You will not find anything about the following topics in my blog:

  • having guy visitors in winter – shhh, don’t tell Paul!
  • cat foot ptarmigan a new cross-breed?
  • scarlet woman – just call me the whore of Babylon
  • iceberg smelling  hold on: is that a thing??
  • Jennifer is a racist blog – yikes! I swear you’ve got the wrong blog!

And my personal favourite:

  • Jennifer Kelland Perry the platypus

 Turns out there is an explanation for this one.
I just learned about this fellow when I did a search.


Perry the Platypus

And there you have it. Someone looking for a platypus found me.

Have any funny or odd search terms from your blog to share?
Fess up in the comments below. :)

2picBLOGGGGG (5)

A Poem by Vivian

“Man’s Best Friend”


by Vivian K. Perry

DSC_4685My master and I are best buddiesDSC_4686time together we do love to shareDSC_4688I have proven my “dogged” affectionDSC_4689For a cat, I am told, that is rareDSC_4773So it gives me great pleasure to flaunt it,DSC_4775how I’ll follow behind my fine friend,DSC_4779 stay with him as long as I’m needed, then…012…make a bed of his shorts at day’s end.




*Photo credits go to Paul Sautter Jr. – except for the last two ;)

The Poet’s Thought


The Poet’s Thought

“It came to him in rainbow dreams,
blent with the wisdom of the sages,
of spirit and of passion born;
in words as lucent as the morn
he prisoned it, and now it gleams
a jewel shining through the ages.”

~ Lucy Maud Montgomery


* Ailsa’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Gleaming


Friday Bouquet #27

bouquet-flowers-tulips-flower-buds_1280x720_sc (1024x688)


Happy Friday, all! Before I introduce this week’s recipient of Friday Bouquet:

Vivian and Maisie would like to extend a sincere and purry “thank you” for all the beautiful comments and well wishes on their 8th Birthday post, from all of their lovely followers both here and on Facebook, as well as the retweet on Twitter. Their mom and dad read, enjoyed, and treasured each and every one. :)

Now, on to the bouquet:

Brenda Knowles says her Space2Live blog is a place “where we intentionally reflect on core passions: art, nature,writing, reading, relationships,family, traveling, self-realization and spirituality.”

From her About Me page:

… I am an open listener, introspective, dreamy, expressive and a mom. When I say highly sensitive I don’t mean I cry at the drop of a hat or tremble like a Chihuahua. I’m not even shy. What I mean is, I will sense the moods of the people in a room and be affected. I am an introvert.
…Over-stimulate me (with noise, technology, hurrying, overscheduling, interruptions) and I am going to get overwhelmed and crabby and wish I could handle more. Writing is the perfect outlet.”

As much as I hate labels applied to people, the following post resonated with me. While reading it, I found myself wishing everyone could read it for a better understanding of why introverts and/or highly sensitive people have a need to withdraw at certain times. Maybe then we wouldn’t be described by certain others as “difficult” or “unsociable.” Maybe then we would be accepted for who we actually are, in spite of our differences.

Introverts and Withdrawal: Why We Do It

I’ve disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on Brenda’s blog.
If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone.



11877690_10207190034729866_732640749_oWhen you look up at the stars, what do you see? Does the panorama of tiny infinite lights give you answers, or, as it does for many of us, raise infinite questions?

Every point of light in this sky is a star or an entire galaxy. Each galaxy holds billions of stars, with solar systems like ours orbiting each of them. Is it the Great Unknown or the Meaning of Life?11881381_10207190034849869_501418580_oBecause we are born egocentric, the prospect of our personal insignificance, and thus no afterlife, is disturbing.
Fear of our own mortality creates a need to believe in something greater than we are and that our death is not the end. In addition, if there is life after death, there is the belief in reunion with those we loved, lost, and grieve for.DSC_4740But if you hold an atheistic view, you accept and may even appreciate the notion of your own insignificance. If this was your attitude, would it make you feel that everything you do is futile?

Or is it simply the freedom and beauty of seeing our world, and our lives, from an omniscient perspective? The universe was here in all its immensity before we arrived, and will be long after we’re gone. Doesn’t that make our time here on earth all the more exquisite?11881335_10207190034889870_138625341_oAre we forgetting the value of living in the moment, the desire to improve the world for others, and the joy and privilege of telling those we love how much they mean to us, because one day our time will be up? 

Alas, this is just a blog post, not a lofty dissertation. 

Tell me what you think of, when you look up at the stars.

*Photos in this post were taken by my husband’s cousin, Paul Sautter Jr., on his recent visit with us. His superior camera, lens, and photography skills allowed him to capture the night sky on Perry’s Point in a way that is “light years” beyond my ability. I have so much to learn!

Vivian’s View From Here: It’s Our 8th Birthday!

041 (800x415)

Yay! Vivian here, letting everyone know it is our birthday today.
My sister, Maisie and I, have turned eight years old,
and we think it’s time for us to celebrate!



maisie (1280x853)


Aren’t we BEAUTIFUL? :)

eba3da36477f5fdaf89e92ed57ad8552-e1429638008574Remember how we looked when we were adopted?


Here is a small gallery of us over the past eight years:


 Until next time, Maisie and I wish you all a purr-fect remainder to your summer.
As for today, don’t party too hardy for our sake;
simply enjoy a nice little treat or two in our honour.

We love you!


Lightning Show

On the 2nd of August, we had a thunder and lightning storm that lasted for seven hours, the longest one we’ve witnessed since we moved to Perry’s Point (nearly) five years ago. There was torrential rain off and on throughout, but these pics were taken during the dry lightning act of the show.

This time, I can’t take credit for the photography. My daughter Denise and her husband Dave captured parts of the electrical event on their cellphones during their visit with us. I had no idea smartphones could take such great pictures!

Notice, in most of them, the phenomenon of shelf clouds with the bonus of the setting sun in the shrouded background.

FullSizeRender (4) (1280x875)

FullSizeRender (2) (1280x1042)

FullSizeRender (5) (1280x1243)

IMG_3055 (782x414)



Tomorrow we have a high Humidex warning with values approaching mid-thirties.
More unsettled weather may be coming.

Eek! Could another thunderstorm be on its way?

Friday Bouquet #26


Amy at Shirley’s Heaven is a mental health advocate who blogs to share her thoughts, to raise awareness, and to fight the stigma associated with mental illness. She writes with honesty, speaking out bravely about her own experiences.

From her About Page:

I dedicate this blog to my mom, Shirley, even though I had a very tumultuous relationship with her because of her mental illness, I know she did the best she could. I hope that the near future holds better treatment options for people with mental illness.”

I chose Amy’s post below because of the way she compares the pen pals she wished for as a child with her blogger friends and followers today.

Feeling Grateful for my Fellow Bloggers

I’ve disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on Amy’s blog.
If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you.

Have a great weekend, everyone.




What is it that inspires our desire to create?

What moves an artist to draw or to paint a picture? What sparks the passion in a writer to pen a poem or a story? What is it that prompts a photographer to run for her camera and try to capture that perfect shot?

Here are a few things that give me continued inspiration:

1.  The ocean, which surrounds me… (No surprise there, right? ;) )

092 (1024x509)Every day, it is a slightly different colour, morphing between shades of blue sapphire, steel grey, or deep, dark navy with racing waves and frothy white-caps. On other days, it is as calm and flat as a mirror.052 (1024x683)The sea is a living thing: mercurial, organic, merciless, and endlessly beautiful.035 (1024x461) 2.  I’ve always had a passion for all animals (no, not just my cats! ;) ).
Horses, dogs, whales, and birds…102 (1024x683) …natural beings of the forest and untamed creatures of the sea and sky.058 (1024x683)

3.  My granddaughter inspires me with her sunny smile, her boundless energy and curiosity, and her sweet innocent, loving heart.

036 (1024x861) 4.  My grandson inspires me with those impossibly long eyelashes, his sense of humour, his quick wit, and his infectious laughter (even when he teases his crinkly Nanny).037 (1024x902) 5.  Teaching children about Nature, and why we need to respect it, appreciate it and care for it is a spark for my imagination. I love answering their many questions…055 (1024x683)… and listening to them tell of their own experiences in the beautiful, natural world.


Have you ever noticed how Children and Nature go so happily together?064 (1024x683)

“Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them.”
~ Audubon Nature Preschool061 (1024x683)

“As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us..”
~ Valerie Andrews, A Passion for this Earth

Do you have special childhood memories of exploring Nature?

What fills you with inspiration? Do tell!